Browns' Heckert Underwent Heart Surgery

Berea (WOIO) - Browns General Manager Tom Heckert has been absent lately, even missing the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, and Monday, Browns President Mike Holmgren explained why.

(Tom) Heckert, there has been some speculation about where he has been and all that kind of stuff and I just kind of want to set the record straight. I just got off the phone with him. He had heart surgery and he is going to be fine. Actually, he is a very healthy guy now. He had a blockage, as you guys understand, in an artery. They found it, they went in and fixed it. But, it lays him up for a while. He is coming in tomorrow. This was done a couple weeks ago. He is coming in tomorrow, he's going to work for a little bit and I'll kick him out of the building. It's according to the doctor's plan how much he can do with this sort of thing. He is going to be a very integral part; it won't change anything with his involvement in the draft. Little by little by the time the draft comes up, he should be back in here working full time. The good thing was that they did the surgery, his heart muscle is good and they just had to kind of clear the tubes just a little bit. So, that's what is happening with Tom and that's why he missed the Combine. He has been at home recuperating. He did not want me to go into great detail. At first, he didn't want to say anything and we respected his wishes. It's a very personal thing as you might expect. But, I thought because there were stories swirling around and different things happening.  I thought it was important to kind of set the record straight. No more, no less, that's it."