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Closing arguments underway in Jimmy Dimora corruption trial


Prosecutors have begun closing arguments in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial. 

Prosecutor Antoinette Bacon told the jury that to Jimmy Dimora, public service was personal service.  She said the trial had been a journey through the dark world of Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo, a world where they bought and sold jobs. She is making repeated references to Russo, the former County Auditor who pleaded guilty to similar crimes and faces more than 21 years in prison.

She told jurors that someone simply giving a gift to a public official with the expectation that they will get favorable treatment is enough to convict Dimora. He didn't have to deliver any favors. 

The list of things that would constitute bribes are money, services, tangible and intangible items, as well as promises.

Bacon spent approximately three hours speaking to jurors, guiding them through the complex case.

Next, Dimora's attorneys will have their chance to rebut the government's case.  Prosecutors will have the final chance to convince jurors. 

After that, the judge will give the jury some final instructions and they will begin their deliberations.

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