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Verdict Watch: Jurors wrap up for the weekend in the Dimora corruption trial


The jury in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial will be back at it Monday morning. After about seven hours of deliberations on Friday they decided to call it a night. 

They got the case at about 1:30PM on Thursday afternoon and deliberated till 5PM. 

During the afternoon, they asked Judge Sarah Lioi for a list of witnesses who had testified and some post it notes. The judge advised them to use their collective memories regarding the witnesses.  She sent them the post it notes.

Jurors asked another question of Judge Lioi late Friday morning. They want a definition of interstate commerce. Judge Sarah Lioi discussed how to answer the question. Lawyers for Dimora objected to any addition to the original jury instruction. The judge denied that motion and read a definition for jurors.

The question needed to be read in open court with the defendants present, but was delayed because Dimora was not in Akron yet.  The judge had told his lawyers to have him within 15 minutes of the courthouse for exactly this kind of situation.

Dimora said nothing as he entered the courthouse Friday.  On Thursday he appeared to have an animated discussion with Andrea Whitaker, one of his attorneys about saying something to reporters.  It looked like she cautioned him not to speak.  In the past before he was silenced by his attorneys, Dimora had been a frequent critic of the media coverage of his case.

Jimmy Dimora has pleaded not guilty to multiple corruption and racketeering charges.

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