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St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids

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By Michelle Ullman


You don't need to be Irish to celebrate the feast day of St. Patrick, the most well-known patron saint of Ireland. Born during the late-fourth century in Britain, Patrick was kidnapped as a teenager and sold into slavery in Ireland. He escaped and returned to his home, but later dreamt that he was to return to Ireland.

St. Patrick is believed to have died on March 17, 461. The day was proclaimed his feast day in the 1600s, but did not evolve into the largely secular celebration of Irish culture until Irish immigrants to the United States popularized their traditions in the 1900s. Today, St. Patrick's Day is one of the most widely celebrated saint's days in the world, celebrated even in Japan and South Korea.

Children love making St. Patrick's Day crafts, which usually involve leprechauns, shamrocks or pots of gold. With some simple supplies, you can spend an enjoyable afternoon crafting with your kids.

Wee Little Leprechaun Craft

Leprechauns have nothing to do with St. Patrick, but are a part of Irish mythology from long before his time. Related to fairies, leprechauns were shoemakers who hid their gold at the end of rainbows, and enjoyed playing tricks on humans. They have come to be associated with St. Patrick's Day simply by being a part of Irish culture.

You will need:

Toilet paper tube
Green craft foam
Acrylic craft paint in green, skin-tone, pink, brown
Inexpensive craft paintbrushes
Black permanent marker
White glue
4 brown pipe cleaners
Decorative button


Use the toilet paper tube to trace a circle on craft foam.

Trace a second circle ½ inch wider than the first.

Cut out both circles. These will make the hat top and brim.

Paint the tube green. Add a skin-tone face and hands, then use pink for cheeks.

Paint brown hair around the face and head. Let dry.

Use a marker to detail eyes, mouth, fingers, and belt.

Use the marker to coil three pipe cleaners, then glue two on back of head for hair, and one around face as beard.

Fold remaining pipe cleaner in half, then coil ends to make feet.

Place folded pipe cleaner into tube so feet extend out the bottom. Glue into place.

Slide the hat brim onto the tube just above face.

Glue the hat top over the open top of tube.

Cut 5-1/2 inch by ½-inch strip of craft foam.

Glue in place around tube as arms, lining up with hands.

Glue button onto hat brim as decoration.

Pot of Gold Craft

Legend says that every leprechaun has a pot of gold, which a human might steal by catching the leprechaun. That's no easy trick, for leprechauns can disappear in the blink of an eye, taking their treasure with them.

You will need:

Empty, clean baby food jar with lid
8-10 small yellow craft pom poms
Yellow curling ribbon
Green tissue paper
White glue and water mixed 50/50
Paint brush
Small candies such as M&M's or jelly beans


Cut tissue paper into squares.

Use paintbrush to apply glue mixture to jar in small sections.

Stick tissue paper to jar, applying more glue on top. Continue until jar is covered with two layers of tissue paper. Let dry.

While jar is drying, glue curling ribbon around outer edge of jar lid. Tie in a knot, and curl edges.

Glue pom poms to the top of the lid. Let dry.

Fill jar with candies, screw lid in place.

Shamrock Pin Craft

Shamrocks have been an important symbol of Ireland for centuries, and are associated with St. Patrick's teachings of the Christian trinity.

You will need:

3 flat wooden craft hearts, around 1" across
2 green sparkly pipe cleaners
Green craft paint
Inexpensive craft paintbrushes
Green sparkle craft paint
Hot glue gun
Wire cutters or heavy scissors
Jewelry pin back


Paint the wooden hearts with the green paint. Let dry.

Paint hearts again with a coat of the sparkle paint. Let dry.

Use hot glue gun to attach hearts together side by side in a shamrock shape. The points will be touching in the center.

Bend the pipe cleaner around the hearts, conforming to their shape. At the base, twist pipe cleaner to form a small stem. Use wire clippers to snip away excess.

Glue pipe cleaner into place.

Glue the jewelry pin onto the back of the shamrock. Let dry, then wear and enjoy.

St. Patrick's Day has expanded far beyond its origin as a religious holiday, and is enjoyed by people around the world as a celebration of Irish culture. Be sure to remind your kids to wear green, and enjoy time spent with them making simple crafts to celebrate the day.


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