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Jimmy Dimora corruption trial deliberations continue


Jurors have wrapped up deliberations in the Jimmy Dimora corruption trial. The jury deliberated until around 4:30 PM on Monday afternoon.

Dimora and co-defendant Michael Gabor face a total of 37 charges.  The seven man, five woman jury deliberated for about three hours on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday before retiring for the weekend at 5pm.

Neither Dimora, Gabor or their defense attorneys came to the courthouse this morning. Judge Sarah Lioi has told them to be nearby so they can get to the courthouse quickly when a verdict comes down. Dimora has been waiting at his attorneys office about two blocks from the courthouse while Gabor and his team are at a nearby hotel.

During more than seven weeks of testimony, jurors heard from 72 witnesses. As they began their work, jurors asked the judge for a dry erase board, markers, highlighters and paper clips.  They are sorting through a mountain of evidence presented by the government in its case against Dimora and Gabor.

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