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Jurors to decide how much Jimmy Dimora must pay back


The jury that found Jimmy Dimora guilty on all but one of the corruption charges against him has returned to the Akron Federal Courthouse to begin hearing evidence in what is known as the forfeiture phase of the trial. 

Prosecutors will present evidence of how much they believe Dimora got in bribes and how much they believe he should be forced to turn over to the government in restitution and penalties. 

They have said they want his house forfeited because it was used as the center of his criminal enterprise.

Dimora's lawyers will present evidence that the home was just a home and not his base of operations. It is expected that Dimora's wife and children could testify. All are in the courtroom. 

In addition to the home, prosecutors have listed $166,000 in cash restitution they want. The number could go significantly higher if the value of work companies that bribed Dimora is added in.

Once testimony is complete, jurors will decide on how much, if any, restitution is ordered.  After that, the trial moves to the sentencing phase which will be completely decided by Judge Sarah Lioi.  Dimora faces between 16 and 20 years in prison as the result of his convictions.

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