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Editorial Response: Maralee Koval

My name is Maralee Koval responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about the price of gasoline where references were made about the Keystone XL pipeline.

In my opinion, questions remain before starting Keystone. Why is Canada not keeping this valuable resource? The 2011's spills were too expensive or they haven't figured where to store the toxic waste are reasons.  

Keystone is slated to run across our central aquifer right through tornado alley. Imagine tornadoes like two weeks ago ripping through that pipeline slinging toxic sludge everywhere.   One spill and two trillion gallons of that aquifer water are forever ruined. Missing from the plan is how to guard 1,800 miles of pipe against sabotage.

Six independent studies prove Keystone only creates 500-to-1,500 temporary construction jobs while China nets 500 permanent jobs for parts. Why not create permanent jobs at a new Montana refinery? Perhaps the fact Montana is landlocked and Keystone allows selling fuel to the highest bidder explains Dallas.  

Before we leap into Keystone, it deserves a much longer look.

Thank you.

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