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Mild winter means early, long allergy season

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If you are an allergy suffer, you had better be prepared to be hit with the sneezing and the runny nose a lot earlier than normal.

"With the milder winter we had, things are starting to bloom already it is probably going to be a little longer season than we've had in the past," said Dr. Mark Aronica of the Cleveland Clinic.

So at this time of the year, the Cleveland Clinic is usually dealing with people preparing for what is to come. But this year, Dr. Aronica expects something a little different.

"But now, we're already starting to see some tree pollen in the air," Dr. Aronica said. "People are coming in for symptoms, as well."

In Cleveland, we deal with grasses, trees and weed pollens - but that's not all.

"Irritants and pollutants in the air can worsen symptoms in patients with allergies."

Break out the Kleenex.

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