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Post Dimora: The Cuyahoga County Corruption investigation continues

Jimmy Dimora's corruption trial may be over, but the Cuyahoga County Corruption investigation continues.

For the next several months, the focus of the county corruption investigation shifts back to the federal courthouse in Cleveland where prosecutors are working to untangle the many schemes the FBI discovered.  They'll plot strategy, interview cooperating witnesses and in June, go back to the Akron courthouse for the next prosecution.

Samir Mohammed, one of Frank Russo's right hand men is next up. Prosecutors say he paid Russo for his job and bribed Russo, Jimmy Dimora and others to get jobs for members of an Arab American Social organization, Cameo. The organization was headed up by one of Mohammed's men named Sam Quasm. Mohammed also is accused of rigging contracts for a countywide mapping system.

A September trial will target Anthony O. Calabrese. Feds says Calabrese was previously identified in several big ticket schemes and could be the biggest remaining king of con men. He'll go on trial with Sanford Prudhof, the former Lorain Development Director.

There is another case pending against Jimmy Dimora.  This time around, he won't walk into court on his own free will, he'll be driven in a prison van instead. Michael Forlani, a local businessman will be his co-defendant.

FBI Chief Steve Anthony released an interesting statement. It seems to hint that there are new indictments coming against others. Just another facet of the work being done by prosecutors in Cleveland.

The question remains, when will Frank Russo go to prison? Not until all of the above mentioned trials are over, which is more than a year away.

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