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Exclusive: Canton doctor busted for letting unlicensed workers work in his office


A Stark County Commissioner who is also a high profile Canton doctor has been busted after  thumbing his nose at the most basic regulations.

Acting on complaints the Ohio Department of Health sent inspectors into the offices of chiropractor Dr. Peter Ferguson. Once there, they found two employee's there giving x-rays without having licenses.

Some people swear by chiropractic adjustments. Cracking the back to ease a variety of ailments. An important part of the diagnosis is an x-ray to let the doctor see what's going on inside. To operate a device that uses doses of radioactivity -- you need a license and advance training.

So 19 Action News confronted Dr. Ferguson, who's the former head of the Ohio Chiropractic Board. A board that disciplines chiropractors.

"They took a couple of x-rays and I guess they weren't supposed to take x-rays," said Dr. Peter Ferguson.

Dr. Ferguson calls it all a misunderstanding and that it only occurred only a few times. If that's the case state investigators are awfully lucky. They caught two unlicensed employees giving x-rays on their first visit to investigate.

State paperwork shows the two employee's at Dr. Ferguson's Clinic are Janet Valentine and Debra Prestier. They had no licenses and had to attest in writing to the state that they would stop illegally dosing patients.

"Debbie was grand fathered into the x-ray thing under the Chiropractic thing so I always assumed she was able to take x-rays and I thought Janet was -- so it was just a misunderstanding," said Dr. Peter Ferguson.

Dr. Ferguson says only doctors perform x-rays now. He told 19 Action News Reporter Paul Orlousky that he was fined $600, but he's not out of the woods yet. 19 Action News has learned a notice of violations letter was sent out and a hearing will happen soon. Other organizations including insurers were notified as well. 


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