German Film: Death row documentary

A new film is putting a spotlight on the murders of two Cleveland teens. One unsolved and the other with a murderer on death row who survived when the state tried to kill him.

This began as a look at the death penalty and a part of it became a mother's fight for justice. Her daughter was killed in 1984 and the case remains unsolved.   

The film is called "The Second Execution of Romell Broom." He was sent to death row for murdering Trynna Middleton on Cleveland's east side. A few years ago the state tried to kill him but executioners couldn't find a vein. Broom had also been a person of interest in the murder of Gloria Pointer -- a crime he as always denied.

Her mother, Yvonne Pointer, has become an internationally known activist. She speaks about forgiveness and justice. Now a German film crew is put it all into a documentary.

"It proves to me that there is a God because now this film, for whatever reason, is going to go outside of the realm of Cleveland. And when you're looking for someone who committed these crimes you don't ever know where they might be living," said Yvonne Pointer, victim's mother.

"Its a film about the case of Romell and an extraordinary woman," said Michael Verhoeven, director.
"I think that it's not right for the state to kill someone who killed someone. So my view of the death penalty has not changed, but I have a broader view of humanity," said Luise Lindermair, screenwriter.

The film had its American premiere Monday afternoon at the Cleveland Film Festival. It'll be shown again there Tuesday night.

Broom meantime is appealing. He's hoping to stop the state from trying again to kill him. And Gloria Pointer's death is still unsolved.

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