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A look at security in the new Cleveland Casino

The new Downtown Cleveland Casino will open in May.  But what's the most important security measure inside the Horseshoe? It's something you won't notice.  Undercover agents from the State's Bureau of Investigations under the control of Attorney General Mike Dewine.

"The whole goal is to make the experience of people who walk in here safe and to make the place secure," he said today while touring the site.

More than a dozen BCI agents assigned to the Horseshoe, working inside with the casino's private security team.

The agents have gone through an intensive 40-hour training session, but their more important mission in Cleveland is to protect you inside the casino.

We asked if they will be armed and do they have a room to hold people if they need too?

According to Curt Shearer with Ohio Control Commission, "Security has a room and yes they will be armed. All agents are peace officers in the state of Ohio."

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