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Charges Leveled: Justice for Trayvon Martin, Clevelanders weigh in

After 45 days George Zimmerman is in jail.

Special Prosecutor Angela Corey charged the Florida CharNeighborhood Watch volunteer in the death of Trayvon Martin.

"My initial reaction is relief. Because as you well know this is a story that has galvanized the nation," said ACLU Ohio Legal Director James Hardiman.

Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder charge.

Legal Director for the ACLU of Ohio, and the VP of Cleveland's branch of the NAACP James Hardiman is not surprised by second degree murder charge. For it to have been first degree murder Zimmerman would have had to plan it out, to kill Trayvon Martin. Hardiman is surprised though by the length of time it's taken for charges.

"It also appears to me that officials in Florida initially dropped the ball. So having dropped the ball once, it's surprising they decided to pick it up and take action before the federal government decided to come in and do their work for them," said ACLU Ohio Legal Director James Hardiman.

19 Action News also wanted the opinions of Clevelanders. Most didn't want to talk about this heated controversial issue. Others spoke cautiously.

"Kind of glad, just glad because I think any child should suffer. Or any parents rather, should suffer their child's loss."

"It just, all the evidence is so circumstantial. Without a witness to corroborate that it was self defense, I mean it's just a grey area."

"I just hope they let all the facts come out and that justice will prevail."

If convicted, Zimmerman would face up to life in prison on the first-degree felony charge. 

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