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Editorial Response: Ray Herzog

(WOIO) -

My name is Ray Herzog responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial regarding the Buffet Rule gimmick.

When our nations senators, representatives, and the administration talk about legislation, like the Buffet Rule, it can be seen as political gimmickry.

Many members of Congress make matters worse with their commitment to the "Americans for Tax Reform" which asks candidates for elected office to make a commitment to oppose and vote against tax increases.

I'm not saying that our taxes should, or should not be raised. Rather, I am concerned that politicians cannot effectively serve both the tax reform group and their constituents.

Another problem occurs when politicians' meet and negotiate about a bill. Too often, they argue, instead of seriously discussing the bill.  A discussion is an exchange of intelligence and knowledge but an argument is an exchange of ignorance.

Perhaps this is why politicians argue more than discuss.

Thank you.

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