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Catholic Congregations anxiously await word to officially open

They've been given the okay to reopen but how will they do it? That's the question several closed churches tried to answer Wednesday night.

They admit it's going to be a fierce fight but they say they're ready and willing to get it done.

They're calling it a reconstitution, rebirth, or a reopening. Members of the churches about to reopen are trying to get ready on their own. In attendance: Parishioners from several churches about to reopen including -- St. Barbara, St. Casimir and St. Wendelin.

Wednesday night's meeting was put together three days ago. There are many things that will have to be done. Everything from the churches money replaced, to the hymnals returned, to all of the sacred relics replaced.

Despite preparing to reopen, there are still some hurt feelings. Their churches were wrongfully closed and The Vatican backs that up.

Its unclear though when the churches will actually open their doors. Bishop Richard Lennon has not revealed when he will turn the key and unlock the doors.


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