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Judge rules Jimmy Dimora trial evidence can be released

It's been more than a month since former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora was convicted on federal bribery and racketeering charges, and now evidence from that trial is one step closer to being released to the public.

In a ruling on Friday, U.S. District Judge Sara Lioi set the ground rules for which pieces of evidence will be made public. Dimora has opposed several of the Government's exhibits, saying the evidence poses a risk for jury taint in his second corruption trial set for October.

Some of the photographs of the free construction work preformed on Dimora's Independence home will be released. In her order, Judge Lioi said the danger of these pictures possibly tainting a future jury pool is minimal. However, the Government may only release photographs from Dimora's home and yard if they are certain the pictures will not be used in the October trial.

Judge Lioi also ruled that the pictures from the now-infamous 2008 Las Vegas trip Dimora previous opposed may be released with one exception; the driver's license image of a Las Vegas prostitute must be blurred and her address must be redacted. Dimora fought the release of the Las Vegas pictures saying, the "salacious nature of these photographs will be exploited by the media."

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