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Occupy Cleveland tent removed, protests continue

Cleveland police supervised as city workers removed the "Occupy Cleveland" tent early Thursday morning.

"When the cameras were gone, Cleveland police came around 3, 3:30 in the morning with a bunch of city workers, had ordered the tent to be torn down," said protestor Peter Schanz. "There were about eight police officers here supervising city workers tearing it down."

Occupy protesters did not budge, and stayed through the night.

"The tent was a symbol, but the movement is not leaving. Absolutely not," Schanz added.

This, after city hall decided not to renew a permit for protestors to place a canopy on a sidewalk across the street from Public Square.

The protestors can still be there with signs, but they may not have tents, camping equipment and other belongings. The number of protestors had dwindled in recent weeks.

The suspects in the bridge bomb plot had ties to the Occupy Cleveland protest movement, but they were not organizers. 

May 2 Statement from Occupy Cleveland:

Mayor's Office Will Not Renew Public Square Permit

Cleveland – May 2- This morning, Mayor Jackson's office decided not to renew Occupy Cleveland's sidewalk encroachment permit for the West Roadway at Public Square. Occupy Cleveland has been given until 5:00 PM to voluntarily remove the tent and all of the movements belongings from the sidewalk.

Occupy Cleveland is one of the oldest physical occupations and we find it very unfortunate that the city has decided to revoke the permits, after almost 7 months of peaceful presence on Public Square. The movement has worked to peacefully defend the city from the corporate forces that have worked to cripple it and has seen great support from the general public. Occupy Cleveland has worked very hard to maintain a cordial relationship with the administration and the Cleveland Police Department and we hope that continues, despite the city's decision.

While the tent has been Occupy Cleveland's home and visual icon since its formation in October 2011, the movement will not end when it comes down. Occupy Cleveland plans a continued presence in the Mayor Tom Johnson/Free Speech Quadrant of Public Square, and participation in events around the city. Due to the agreement made with the city on October 26, 2011, Occupy Cleveland has access to the

Mayor Tom Johnson/Free Speech quadrant 24/7 and plans to utilize it for movement activities.

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