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Prosecutors ask Justice Department to drop second Dimora trial

Jimmy Dimora is set for sentencing in July, but he also faces a second trial on even more charges in October.

A lot of people are asking what's the point, and as 19 Action News reporter Paul Orlousky discovered, it appears that trial may not happen after all.

Wednesday evening, Prosecutors asked the Justice Department to drop second case. CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

There have been hints all along that so called "Dimora 2" may not happen.  Even the government has made references to that fact.  A look back into the court record tells you a lot.

As early as November last year, a government filing says the government could forsee several reasons why Dimora may not be required to defend himself in Dimora 2.  Prosecutors wrote "depending on the outcome of Dimora 1, defendant Dimora may decide to negotiate a resolution of Dimora 2"  and "if the court was willing to hear evidence on Dimora 2 at the sentencing hearing in Dimora 1, the United States might take that into consideration in determining whether to proceed to trial against Dimora in Dimora 2."

Any number of attorney's that 19 Action News contacted about this say it makes little sense to try Dimora a second time.  He already faces significant prison time.  However from the standpoint of winning a conviction against co-defendant Michael Forlani, it makes a lot of sense.  Forlani will suffer the same guilt by association that Michael Gabor did.

There is little doubt that Michael Gabor is tied to Jimmy Dimora in most people's minds.  Because Dimora is in prison, the public won't see Michael Forlani walking into court every day with him.  However, Jimmy's escapades, foul language and treatment of women will be on center stage.  One defense attorney says it is a key reason why prosecutors would want Dimora tried again.  He said it's not about Jimmy Dimora, it's about doing everything possible to convict Michael Forlani.

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