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Rally celebrates smoke-free Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

Rally Celebrates Smoke-Free Horseshoe Casino Cleveland, the first state with an existing smoke-free law and new casinos built.

What: A celebration rally to support Horseshoe Casino Cleveland as one of four smoke-free casinos in Ohio.

Horseshoe Casino Cleveland provides a safe, healthy environment for employees, which means that they don't have to chose between their health and their job. It also means that patrons and visitors can enjoy their casino experience without being exposed to harmful secondhand smoke from cigars or cigarettes.

As a smoke-free casino, Horseshoe Casino Cleveland is just one effort being made to ensure the health of Cleveland residents.

When: 12 p.m., Wednesday, May 9

Where: Cleveland City Hall
 City Council Chambers
            601 Lakeside Ave, Cleveland (44114)

Why: Secondhand-smoke exposure causes an estimated 3,400 lung-cancer deaths annually among adult non-smokers in the United States. Keeping our casinos smoke free reduces the negative health impacts caused or worsened by secondhand smoke, including heart disease, stroke, lung disease, asthma and cancer.

· Shelly Kiser, director of advocacy, American Lung Association in Ohio
· Joe Cimperman, Cleveland City Councilman for Ward 3
· Representative, Cleveland Clinic
· John McLeod, Environmental Public Health Department Director at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health
· Representative, Horseshoe Casino Cleveland

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