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Editorial: Casino Good For Cleveland

Preparing for Mondays opening of the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Cleveland -- city workers have been busy spiffing up the area around Public Square. And Cleveland Police have also been busy chasing away the panhandlers and the homeless who tend to congregate at the square -- but soon they will give way to an improved attraction.  

The debut of the long-awaited downtown casino, it's good for Cleveland. It's good for the local economy -- for those who own and operate restaurants and nightclubs downtown. And, it's good for the city's image as a sophisticated destination for conventions and other visitors. What it cannot do and what we shouldn't expect from it -- is for it to rescue everything that is wrong about Cleveland's economy. It won't do that.  

It didn't happen in Detroit when they built casinos there and it won't happen here. But, overall, it's a positive folks and Dan Gilbert will make sure that it earns a place as a valuable asset for the city.

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