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Editorial Response: Kay Lemon

My name is Kay Lemon responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial regarding making the 12th grade matter.

Some Ohio educators are not living in the real world. Students who are planning to go to college or further their education do not take their senior year lightly.  They are focused and are eager to learn and better their lives.    

Due to the unstable economy, many parents losing their jobs, the cost of student loans and tuition, at least half of graduating seniors will be job hunting.  The non-college bound students need all the education that the school systems can give them for a four full years. 

It's up to the school districts to make sure that the schedules for seniors are the same as underclassmen. Make the senior year equally as tough. Give all students the best education possible before they walk out the door and turn their tassel.  We don't need new ideas to help the college-bound students. We need to educate all students to the full extent of their learning ability.    


Thank you.  


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