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The medical term "cerumen" is more commonly know as earwax.  Earwax is really a good thing!  Its purpose is to lubricate the ear canal and to discourage invaders from finding their way into the eardrum.  Invaders could be dirt, debris, or even insects!  Sometimes, when people first start hearing instruments they notice a greater amount of earwax in their ear.  This is normal and due to the fact that there is something foreign in your ear.  Earwax is produced by glands in the outer third of the ear canal and is designed to exit naturally from your ear.  The practice of using Q-tips to clean your ear is not recommended because this often pushes the wax further into the canal beyond where it can exit naturally from your ear.

Video otoscope
As part of your Hear Wright Care program, we look in your ear every four months with a machine called a video otoscope.  This machine magnifies the ear canal and eardrum thirty times.  This enables us to look for earwax and possible ear infections in the ear canal.  We also use this machine to troubleshoot possible problems in a dead hearing instrument.

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