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What To Expect

The process is simple- most evaluations consist of four steps:
1.    Hearing analysis
Your ears will be visually examined with an otoscope and you;; be tested with state of the art equipment to determine the type of hearing loss you have.  Your results will be illustrated in an audiogram that the hearing professional will walk through with you.

2.    Lifestyle Discussion
Your hearing professional will want to know the types of sound environments you frequent, the activities you enjoy, and will ask other lifestyle-related questions to help customize the best solution.

3.    Hearing Aid Options
If it's determined that hearing aids can help, you're hearing professional will show you the best solutions to fir your unique needs and lifestyle.

4.    Budget Discussion
You and your hearing professional will discuss pricing and payment options.  To see the process in action, watch the "Your Hearing Journey" video on the right.

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