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Bill Applegate's editorial feedback

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Well, every time we air one of our Editorials we ask you, the audience, to write and let us know what you think.  And you always do.

I recently talked about the court ruling that would  allow strip searches for minor offenses. Well, Patsy from Berea wrote to say, "It's sad that there is no privacy anymore. I hate to think that if I am stopped for any minor infraction, I could be strip searched. It is a sad state of affairs." 

And Lenny from Euclid wrote and said, "Bill, I agree with you 100%.  This loony ruling that you can be strip searched at anytime, anywhere for just walking your dog without a license, saddens me." 

And we got a lot of feedback about the five self-described anarchists accused of plotting to blow up Highway 82 Bridge.  Carl from Euclid wrote to say, "Today's young people are frustrated in this country. They have lots of debt and few job opportunities. They see a bleak future. We need to help right the ship." But Kim from Parma wrote to say, "Thank goodness they bought the explosives from an undercover agent. Who knows what could have happened. Good work FBI".   And I agree with that Kim.    

Well, thanks again for sharing all your opinions with us.  And as always, write and let me know what you think.   I'm Bill Applegate.



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