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Editorial: Splitting the Catholic Vote

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The Catholic Church in the United States ramped up its fight against the Obama Administration's Health Care Plan this week by filing dozens of lawsuits. The suits, filed in 12 Federal District Courts, challenge the Administration's requirement that employer-offered health plans cover contraception and abortion drugs.

Well, election year observers are trying to determine what sort of political calculus is involved here that would explain why the president is O. K. about getting into a battle with the bishops.

A contraception is a divisive issue inside the church and the president's advisors may believe they will attract more young Catholic votes than they will lose among older churchgoers but this strategy involves some risk. While polls show that a majority of Catholics are indeed slightly left of the nation on "values" issues, a great many traditional Catholics, who tend to label themselves as independent, live and vote in those all important battleground states like Ohio.  

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