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Editorial: Labor Loses in Wisconsin

Like the first shots of the Revolutionary War at Lexington in 1775, the recall election this week in Wisconsin represents the opening skirmish in an ideological struggle that won't be decided until general election day in November. The clear winners in this first battle are Republicans and those who favor smaller government over powerful public unions and the deficit producing policies of the entitlement state.  

Despite claims to the contrary, the results in Wisconsin weren't even close with Governor Scott Walker defeating his opponent by more than seven percentage points. Now yes, Republicans and conservative pacs poured millions into the Wisconsin campaign but so did big labor and the Democratic party in support of the re-call.

The defeat is a huge blow for public sector labor unions that saw the Wisconsin recall as a firewall battle for their very future. And, the result may also signal that Wisconsin is in play this November and that's unhappy news for the Democrats and the president.

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