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New charges in Cuyahoga corruption investigation

A new indictment was just handed down in Cuyahoga County's corruption investigation.

Anthony O. Calabrese III has flown under the radar until now, with new charges just filed.

Anthony O. Calabrese is already faces a dozen counts including bribery, conspiracy, tampering with a witness and more.  Now, the charge of trying to cover up his crimes has been added. 

The day after the county offices were raided, the feds say he got in touch with J. Kevin Kelley, a guy he funneled money to and received from regarding alternatives agency, the Parma Schools and the ill fated county purchase of the Ameritrust Tower.  Calabrese had a conversation basically saying we've got to get together and get our stories straight on the Ameritrust deal. 

In 2004 Calabrese helped broker the $21.7 million sale of the building to the county, who then spent another $21 million removing asbestos.  $42 million dollars later, the place stands empty, unsuitable for county use.  The cover up attempt is a crime.

The additional charge likely signals that talks toward a plea deal are stalled, meaning Anthony O. Calabrese will try and do what no one has done yet in the county corruption investigation case… beat the government.

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