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Corruption indictment details secret meetings

19 Action News first broke the story of the new indictment of Anthony O. Calabrese III on Thursday.

Now, new details on how he brokered the ill fated Ameritrust deal and pocketed cash for himself and J. Kevin Kelley have been revealed through the secret indictment.

Ultimately, the building cost taxpayers $42 million and now sits empty.

Not only did the county waste $21.7 million dollars on the Ameritrust Tower, they spent $21 million more to remove asbestos.  Add to that, it gave a real estate firm $3 million for recommending it, only to find it is unusable. So how did this happen? Cash bribes.

Officials say the firm that made the recommendation is the Staubach Company. It got the deal through Anthony O. Calabrese III, its lawyer.

The federal indictment shines much more light on who got money and how. It also details secret meetings Calabrese had with J. Kevin Kelley using judge Bridget McCafferty's jury room. They used the county courthouse to cook up the illegal deal, showing just how bold they were.

Calabrese is scheduled to appear in Akron Federal Court to answer the charges.

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