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"Cleaning Fairy" indicted again for burglary


She's accused of breaking into a house, cleaning it and then leaving a bill. Susan Warren, the self-styled cleaning fairy, doesn't believe she was committing a crime, but doing a good deed.

"I needed to make some money, I needed to make some money," said Susan Warren. "I figured maybe I was doing them a favor."

Warren pleaded not guilty in Municipal Court last month and was let out on a $5,000 bond.

Now she's been indicted for burglary by the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury.

"Burglary, I'm being accused. I'm being charged with burglary. I didn't break in," said Susan Warren.

"Explain to me why this isn't burglary," asked reporter Dan Deroos.

"Because I didn't take anything," replied Susan Warren.

She'll appear before a judge next Wednesday.

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