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"Bucket List" lands manicure maniac behind bars

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A woman will do a lot for a good mani/pedi, but we found one man who went to some extremes for some pampering!

Women in salons love to gossip, but what happened at a Mentor nail salon really gave the clientele something to talk about.  

All Dionna Logarde wanted was a nice manicure and pedicure in preparation for her wedding this weekend. But she and others, just in for a nail fill, got an eye full when 43-year-old Charles Swinney walked in to Asian nails on Tyler Boulevard.

"As she was beginning my pedicure this gentleman runs in the place demanding service. He went to every technician saying I need a pedicure -- I need a pedicure," said Dionna Logarde.

Mentor Police say he admitted to polishing off at least 12 drinks before arriving and he brought along a duffel bag with wads of money in it. He started asking customers to do his toes.

"After he left me he walked to his duffel bag and started riffling through it. I didn't want to wait and see what he was going to pull out," said Dionna Logarde.

Other witnesses said they were afraid Swinney would go from irate to violent so in the middle of their manicures, they went outside to wait for the police.

"It got serious when I saw it was big bills in his duffle bag. It's like where did he get this money because he's truly crazy," said Dionna Logarde.

Once officers arrived he didn't go easy. He got banged up as a result of resisting arrest. When asked to explain himself he said he was getting a mani/pedi because it was number two on his bucket list.

Swinney plead no contest in court. He's charged with inducing panic and resisting arrest. He paid the fine and was released.

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