Edgewater community taking back their own streets

Edgewater community taking back their own streets

A local group took a bold step in taking back their streets, and it seems to be paying off.  If you commit a crime in the Edgewater area of Cleveland, make sure you smile--you're caught on camera.

Thanks to the Edgewater Homeowner's Association, Big Brother is watching.  A series of cameras dot the neighborhood with signs warning all, "Smile you're on candid camera."

The homeowner's ground raised $4,000 and qualified for matching funds to buy them.

"This neighborhood is really a neighborhood in the old fashioned sense of the word. We know who lives next door, we know who lives across the street," says resident Scott Bibbs.

The system is monitored privately and homeowners can log in and see their property even while they're on vacation.

"We have apps and everything we can look at our house. I was having a great time at the camper because I can pull it up on my smartphone," Bibbs says.

Smartphones are used in other ways.  When there is an unfamiliar or suspicious car, neighbors take pictures of the car and plates and even take pictures of walkers they don't know just in case.

Now the cameras do their part.  Sunday night a police chase ended on Scott's tree lawn.  The crash was caught on one of the cameras, which paid the ultimate price taping all the way to the ground.

Bibbs says, "After the car crashed into the pole there was a foot chase and a tazing in the back yards of the homes. As the bad guy was led to a police car neighbors lined the street cheering go CPD go CPD.  We don't like crime here this is a place where seniors walk frequently. All hours of the night."

Police now have video evidence of the crash.  It could be used in court to make a case against the driver, Scott English who certainly knows now to stay away from Edgewater.

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