Editorial: A Spilt Decision on Immigration

(WOIO) - The U.S. Supreme court handed down a split decision this week gutting most of Arizona's tough new immigration law but upholding what supporters called the "Heart" of the law.

The Supreme's ruled that the federal government has primacy in its control over immigration but said states still could identify illegal immigrants in the course of law enforcement. This ruling only injects more chaos into the nation's already chaotic immigration policy and is bound to lead to new court battles.

Meanwhile, the political wrangling over the decision began immediately with the Obama Administration declaring that while Arizona cops may now have the right to identify illegal's the federal government, which would be responsible for deporting them, will refuse to do anything about it.

With 11 million illegal immigrants now in the United States, action must be taken on broad immigration reform. This ruling by the high court only makes matters worse.

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