Editorial Response: Rich Garber

(WOIO) - Hi, my name is Rich Garber responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial Blaming the Money.

Can elections be bought? Of course they can.  Yes, ideas count for something, but the forces behind Wisconsin Governor Walker outspent their opposition by a factor of seven-to-one, much of this cash coming from anonymous and therefore unaccountable special interest groups -- those groups hiding behind innocent sounding names like "Citizens for mom and apple pie."

And, the media outlets that once served as a watchdog now have every incentive to convince us that all-is-well with this orgy of special-interest spending as it is these same outlets that are the recipients of much of this campaign cash.

Democracy requires an informed electorate. In this election year, tell your congressional delegation you want legislation mandating immediate, real-time disclosure of all sources of campaign and issue-advocacy funding.

Thank you.

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