Editorial: Economic Effect

(WOIO) - The arguments are simply defined. President Obama says he took office with an economy that was on life support and that he has made progress… but he needs more time. Now, his challenger, Mitt Romney, says he has had enough time already and that we have out-of-control spending with no results.

Well, voters here in Ohio figure to decide this contest. We may have only eighteen votes in the electoral college but they figure to be "big" as Ohio is just one of ten states at this point that is undecided on Obama or Romney.

So don't expect any let-up in those political ads that we've been bombarded with.

There will continue to be debates on immigration, and gay marriages, and health care, and who should pay what in taxes…but, in the end, it will be the economy that will decide who Ohio votes for.

Now, when Obama took office, the Ohio unemployment rate had climbed to 7.6%. It got as high as 10.6% before it slowly has dropped to where it is today…7.3%. Well, that's still too high.  And, will it be higher or lower on election day?  Well, your guess is as good as mine, but one thing is for certain - that is the number that will matter most to voters.

I am Dan Salamone.  Thank you for your time and here is the address if you would like to make a response.

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