Mayor Jackson: State of the Schools

(WOIO) - Hello, I am Mayor Frank Jackson.  Education is the key to our success.

Today you see billions of dollars of development and investment in Cleveland.   But, if we want to truly ensure the future of the city of Cleveland, we must have quality education.  Education is the one thing that gives our children the greatest opportunity for success.

Now, Monday's signing of the Cleveland's School Plan into law gives us the first tool that we need to ensure quality education for our children.  The second phase is a levy that will give us the financial tools we need to implement and the final step is the implementation of the plan.

This plan is about accountability and the levy will have a sunset on it.  Meaning, if we do not perform to your expectation ...  you can choose not to renew the levy.

In order for us to be successful, I need your help. We must set a new direction.  We must set a new course for our children's future.  Governor Kasich and the Ohio legislature have done their part and now we must do ours.

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