Local farmers feeling the heat

Local farmers feeling the heat

COLUMBIA STATION, OH (WOIO) - Northeast Ohio has had 13 straight days with temps in the 90s.

The relentless heat is putting a big strain on local farmers.

In Columbia Station, Ohio, the Red Wagon Farm is stretched to the limit by the abnormal dry spell, which meteorologists say still not considered to be a drought.

Red Wagon Farm, established more than 40 years ago has 200 acres of crop containing 35 acres of sweet corn and 35 acres of other vegetables. So far this season, low rain is not the only problem.

Running the farm's irrigation system is cutting into the farm's profit.

A massive irrigation system, such as the one in use at the Red Wagon farm, is costly due to time and gasoline.

Here's the kicker though, farmers say that running the irrigation system brings them luck! "I brought it out yesterday and there was some drizzle, if it brings rain I'll use it all day" said one of the workers.

This month's heat has been the longest stretch since 2010.

Farmers say any rain they get at this point would be "enjoyable."