Some residents in Lorain County deal with repairs after lightning

LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) - One homeowner is planning repairs to his house after it was hit by lightning yesterday in Lorain.

Alan Malone was home at the time of the storm and said, "All of a sudden there was a big boom."

But, the heavy rains that came with the lightning storm were a blessing for Alan, "There was smoke coming from the house and I think what saved us was that rain before the lightning hit."

Lightning can leave behind some strange stories, as it did at the Malone house, because when the bolt hit, it hit with such force it actually turned on some of his kid's toys inside.

In Elyria, at the Commodore Arms Apartments, also hit by lightning repairs seem to have been made.  The site quite different from yesterday when lightning struck an antenna on the roof and caused about 15-thousand dollars in damage.

One block away at Lorain County Community College, that same storm knocked out power to the entire campus which has since been restored.

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