Man cleared in children's charity theft wants all to know

PARMA, OH (WOIO) - He was found guilty of keeping money intended for a children's charity. His sentencing date was set, but then the judge changed his mind and found him not guilty.

And now, William Synder is going to great lengths to let everyone know he's no crook.

Snyder is the guy, who along with partner Kevin Beaver, ran Classic Realty. They withheld portions of agents commissions to support the Children's Miracle Network. Prosecutors charged them with keeping the money. Judge Ronald Suster agreed, but when it was time to sentence Snyder, he ruled him not guilty.

After the ruling, Snyder used painter's tape to make his house his canvas. He wrote a sprawling message across the side of his home that he did nothing wrong.

"I had freedom up there. just because you know, it was just like freedom for me," Synder said.

The yard signs and house messages are impossible to miss.

William Snyder's display won't stay up long. He's got permission from Parma for only 15 days. And his house is foreclosed on and will go to Sheriff's sale a week from Monday.

Judging from the car horns, people are getting the message.

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