Solemn end to the president's visit to Akron

Solemn end to the president's visit to Akron

A sad footnote, to President Obama's visit to northeast Ohio. The owner of a restaurant, where he stopped for breakfast this morning died just hours later.

70 year old Ann Harris, hugged the president when he stopped at her family's restaurant in Akron. She later started feeling ill, and was rushed to the hospital, where she died.

Ask anyone who's lived in Akron for any amount of time and they'll tell you about Ann Harris of Ann's Place...

"She was a beautiful woman who loved to cook," said Nettie Bayless. "She probably said Oh! I cant believe it..Oh!Oh! President Obama! I can't believe you're here!!!"

Nettie Bayless, Ann's life long friend, learned she died of an apparent heart attack just a few hours after meeting the president.
"I was devastated," said Nettie Bayless.

For Nettie and her husband it wasn't the food that drew them into Ann's Place every morning..."Well we were like family," said Nettie Bayless.

Ann Harris and her sister opened Ann's Place after working for years at a restaurant across town...

"She and her sister were go getters."

"They worked hard to start the restaurant. It was one of their dreams."

Now at 70 years old this great grandmother is gone.

"I was shocked. It's hard to believe."

As word spread around town some people were in disbelief and told us the same thing, that Ms. Ann had a dream and the work ethic and gusto to make it a reality. And that is how this woman will always be remembered.

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