Celebrate the cooler the air!

LAKEWOOD, OH (WOIO) - Churchgoers praised God during an outdoor service in Lakewood, Ohio Sunday.

With temperatures finally dropping into the 80s and low humidity, they're not the only ones saying "Alleluia."

"It feels a lot better, I wish there were more days like these," said Samuel Miree of Lakewood.

With dangerously hot temperatures behind us for the moment, so many people are finally getting the opportunity to do everything they've been putting off. "Going to the grocery store, take them home, and I'm going for a walk," Catherine Smith told us.

Outdoor summer staples like caring for outdoor plants and shrubs suddenly had to wait because of the unbearable heat.

"It's cooler, there's a breeze. Finally we could get some work done on the dragon we are working on here," said Bill Hixson with Hixson's Inc.

But it's not just the chores of every day life that have been pushed aside, we're talking fun stuff too.

The gates are not open at this pool just yet, but lately it's been too hot to cool off at the pool.

Marie Toledo of Lakewood says, "A lot of people are heading to the pool, but they are finding it's really hot, so they are staying in."  She adds, "I've been invited to friend's houses to hang out in the air conditioning."

Northeast Ohio temperatures look to be hanging out in the mid to lower 80s this week, for your full Ford First Alert Forecast, click here.

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