Man remains free on bond after dogs pulled from house

Man remains free on bond after dogs pulled from house

Collin Rand Jr. has been a free man since December after posting $7,500 bond.  In the mean time a small army of disgusted people have been picking up the pieces from the abuse and neglect police found.

One by one police officers carried out 37 dogs from his home on E. 91st Street back in December.  Most of them were pitbulls living in filth.  Some had bite marks, all of them showed signs of neglect and abuse.

One dog pulled from the house couldn't even walk, now he's living the life with his new owner at the Paws and Pancakes Biscuit Bakery for dogs.

Then there's Miera, who they said was a bait dog, also taken from the house who's now ready for her forever home.

Hundreds of disgusted people took a stand, including Cleveland Police Officers themselves who spearheaded a fundraiser that brought in almost $40,000 for the rescue agencies who stepped up.

"Due to that we were able to get Miera some extra special treatment meet with special trainers."

They say they are undoing the damage Rand did, "Now listen, he's playing with squeaky toys didn't even know hat a toy was when I brought him home."

Which is exactly why they will be in court in full force for Rand's trial.  Just as important is the message they're sending to anyone fighting dogs, "Let the world know we're not gonna let this happen.  If we know about it we're going to do something about it."

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