Alert: CSU crime

Alert: CSU crime

19 Action News has been keeping an eye on crime downtown since the opening of the Horseshoe Casino and some recent attacks near CSU caught our attention.

19 year old Charles Wiley is still hurting from being attacked Saturday night.

"They hit me from behind, they stomped my head and after that I just passed out," said Charles Wiley.
Wiley and his friend were walking home after working out at CSU when they were jumped and robbed of their wallets and cell phones. It was the third attack in five days around Cleveland State University.

On July 3rd a student was robbed of his cell phone at E. 14th and Euclid then on July 5th another robbery took place at E. 13th and Euclid. Then on July 7th there was a robbery and assault at E. 24th and Payne.

Black-on-Black Crime demonstrated in the parking lot where Wiley was attacked. They are asking where were the police?

Cleveland State's safety cameras were of little help during the assault and several passers by did nothing.

"And they see that I'm bleeding, it's clear I'm hurt. I don't understand how someone can be so selfish and not stop," said a victim.  

According to the university, for the last five years, criminal activity has decreased on campus, making CSU one of the safest urban universities around.

Meantime two of those three attacks were not near the main campus but on Playhouse Square. That's considered near CSU because they have an Arts Center on E. 13th.

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