Getting justice for Brianna Hines

Getting justice for Brianna Hines

Just when Brianna Hines' family thought it got justice, the gunman who said he did it, now says someone paid him to say he did it.

Gunfire left Hines permanently handicapped after her house was riddled with bullet holes.

Weeks ago Joshua Mhoon pled guilty, but now he's trying to wiggle out of it.

"You know it's like how many more punches can a family take in the face? You know?" her aunt, Annette Brumfield told us.

Mhoon is facing at least 8 years in prison, maybe longer.

Records show that after pleading guilty, he's now telling a different story.

He says he made a deal with the guy who actually did the shooting.  Mhoon agreed to the deal, and since he was a juvenile at the time he thought he'd only be in jail until he turned 21.

Meantime, Brianna is sentenced to a life with a bullet still lodged in her head.

Her aunt says, "We're focusing on Brianna's rehabilitation coming on home and so forth."

Last October, it seemed like a miracle when Brianna came home.  Her story captured the hearts of strangers who donated money and built her a wheelchair ramp.

To her family, her recovery will always be their top priority.

"We know this is gonna work out in our favor. There is a God. Brianna's still with us," Brumfield said.

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