CLE Fire pay scandal, voters decide in November

CLE Fire pay scandal, voters decide in November

Should Mayor Frank Jackson have the power to appoint the Cleveland's fire chief? City Council voted Wednesday evening to let the voters decide in November.

Council voted 14-5 to put this on the ballot.

Council wants to restructure the fire department management, giving the Mayor of Cleveland more control. This is the latest fallout from the Cleveland Fire Department's pay scandal.

The new restructure will add accountability and end civil service protection for top managers. The plan will also allow the city to add up to three deputy chiefs.

Union leaders are opposing the restructure.

Last fall, 19 Action News broke the story of some firefighters abusing privileges in their contract by working only a few days a year.

Also at Wednesday's meeting city council voted to approve the building of a new police station for the first time in decades. The new facility will house the Third District and the citywide Communications Center located at 4501 - 4801 Chester Avenue.

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