Lewd lunch lady sent to prison

EAST CANTON, OH (WOIO) - Judgment day for a former Massillon school cafeteria worker who sent nude pictures of herself to students.

Stacey St. Jean-Barton was sentenced to 22 months behind bars.

St. Jean-Barton worked in the cafeteria at Massillon Washington High School. She started talking to male students and texting them. She then sent nude photos of herself to the students, and also had sex with them.

Because the boys were 16 or older, St. Jean-Barton couldn't face charges.

"The actual sex acts were not part of the charges,"said Chief Criminal Prosecutor Chryssa Hartnett. "The charger here were simply the sending of the nude photographs."

Prosecutor Hartnett adds that St. Jean-Barton is lucky because she also avoided a longer prison term in a different way.

"Her position in the high school is what made this difficult because she was a cook in the high school and wasn't necessarily a person in a position of authority."

While there were six boys who had sex with St. Jean-Barton, there were others who got lewd tests.

Because of changes in the law, St. Jean-Barton wouldn't have gone to prison at all, but she missed a pre-trial test ordered by the judge and that was one of his strict conditions for her to avoid prison. She got 22 months and if she behaves, could catch another break.

"I will formally consider a motion for judicial release after you have served a full six months in prison," said Judge Charles E. Brown.

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