Editorial: E-Check

WOIO Editorial: E-Check

(WOIO) - It may be Cleveland's most unpopular activity, the car trip every two-years to do the E-Check. The argument is that we need the E-Check to cut emissions or else we will face stiff federal environmental fines. But from the beginning, the E-Check was mired in poor service, limited locations, and complaints about the cost. Well, now the state is trying again to get E-Check e-right.

New locations are being added, mostly at privately, owned lube stops. Well, this should help although the sales pitch for an oil change may be a little irritating.

The other two changes are questionable. 24-hour a day kiosks are being added.  Well, pumping gas is one thing but attaching a probe to your car may be more challenging. Just ask anyone who has tried to buy an RTA pass and the other change sounds like science fiction.

A truck with highly sensitive sensors will park near major highways and scan your car as it passes by. When your car gets two separate positive scans the E-Check certificate is mailed to you.

Well, with its previous road record why do I have a sinking feeling that this mix of technology and big brother is destined for the scrap yard?

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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