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University researchers develop products to battle blue lights

Two researchers at John Carroll University have developed affordable products to help suppress blue lights and encourage sleep.

Most everyone is flooded with light long after the sun sets, from texting, emailing or catching up on TV.

Now, Dr. Richard Hansler and Dr. Ed Carome have produced glasses, nightlights and lightbulbs to help those suffering from serious sleep or behavioral disorders.

"So there is strong blue light, even though the panel may look white to you," said Dr. Carome. "But it has blue in it and that is affecting the gland and suppressing melatonin production."

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine says it's important to raise a red flag about blue wavelengths, the kind emitted by energy efficient lightbulbs and electronic gadgets.

In fact, a recent poll revealed that 95% of Americans use electronics a few nights a week, within an hour before bed.

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