Westlake mystery animal won't go away

Westlake mystery animal won't go away

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - The Wagner's of Westlake say they have a mystery on its hands.

In fact, they sent us this picture and it's created a lot of buzz on our Facebook Page!

Andy and Jeanette Wagner say the strange animal returned to their property around 1:00 PM Thursday.

Jeanette says the creature walked up and ate some bread off the ground. "It really never ran away, just looked at me and came back for more bread," said Jeanette Wagner.

The first sighting was three weeks ago. Andy saw it cross Center Ridge Rd. and the animal walked right down his driveway.  Although everyone agrees it's ugly, but no one is sure what it is.

Some say it resembles the legendary Chupacabra. It's a mythical creature that according to legend -- kills for sport, drinking the blood of livestock, and creating general mayhem. 

19 Action News took the pictures of the Westlake creature to the Cleveland Zoo to get their opinion. "It looks like a fox or a coyote that has mange -- caused by a mite," said Albert Lewandowski, Cleveland Zoo.

He's probably right.  It probably is a coyote or fox with a skin problem. But isn't it more fun to imagine this mysterious creature is a mutant chupacabra on the loose? "I  hope it's gonna mind it own business and go away as quickly as it came," said Jeanette Wagner.

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