Bear spotted in Hudson

Bear spotted in Hudson

HUDSON, OH (WOIO) - Hudson Police have received reports of a bear spotted in the vicinity of American Fireworks on Darrow Road. It is now traveling east on Hudson Aurora Road and is on Glen Echo.

This is the same bear that was seen in Streetsboro on Thursday.

Over the past few years, Hudson has had a number of bear sightings during the spring and summer months. The bears generally are not aggressive, and are just traveling through the area.

Police are warning the public to not approach a bear if you see one, and to stay inside. Also, do not let small pets or children outside alone until the bear has left the area.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has been notified of the sighting. Male bears tend to wander more often between the months of May and August looking to claim new territory and search for mates.

To avoid attracting bears, food and trash inside until pickup day. Clean up grills after use and putting bird and other animal feeders up higher.

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