Cleveland Fire, EMS under attack

Cleveland Fire, EMS under attack

Cleveland paramedics and firefighters are under attack.

19 Action News broke the story first Friday morning.

Cleveland EMS and Firefighters now have police escorts during calls to the Carver Park region of the city's east side.

Thursday, one man told an ambulance crew that he would shoot them. Last week, just up the street, an angry crowd threw rocks at firefighters trying to shut off a fire hydrant that was opened for fun.

Witnesses tell 19 Action News "they was out here trying to shut the water off and it was real hot that day… and the kids was mad about that."

Meanwhile, police aren't taking any chances "we have to protect our safety forces" says Patrick Stephens, Cleveland Police Commander.

Rodrell Dobson was arrested for the EMS threat. Police say a woman at the home refused to go to the hospital but Dobson went after paramedics in a rage.

Dobson threatened to shoot paramedics twice, then ran into a stranger's home.

Residents in the area say the hostility could be due to the heat and lack of jobs. Either way, that's not the way to treat the people putting their lives at risk to save yours.

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